Do Miracles Still Happen?

We’ve all heard of miracles.  Many will describe them as those mystical events that happened thousands of years ago and recorded in the Bible.  Some will describe them as the odd stories we hear once in a great while to describe a severe medical condition that suddenly went away and can not be explained by doctors as to why.  Webster describes it as a surprising event that is not explicable by nature or scientific laws.  All are correct.  However, I would add to such descriptions.  I would encourage us to press in to our inner soul and look around, be still, breath and take it all in.  We are around miracles every day.  Look at a child’s smile.  The way her eyes glisten and curl down, a large grin and a laughter that shakes her entire body.  Look at the kind gesture of a young boy that stops what he is doing in his playful moment and offers his toy to you to see if you’d like to play.  Notice the stranger that is walking ahead of you through an entrance and stops for a moment to hold the door open for you.  Look up and notice the Blue Magnificent Sky with gentle white clouds whirling and twisting in so many different shapes that you are certain to see things within them.  Look at that spring flower so perfect in form, such a vibrant color, so beautiful that it certainly was not an accident in its creation.  Yes Miracles still happen today.  Many are subtle in form but even those supernatural miracles continue to occur.  Just open your mind, your heart and have Faith – and let your Life be filled with the excitement of the supernatural, the magic of the miraculous, the possibility that anything can and will happen.  What a wonderful Life it Truly is when Heaven comes to Earth.

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