I, Michelle Hernandez, have been an attorney for more than twenty years. My legal practice has always focused on estate planning. I have helped thousands of people put together plans for themselves and the people they love. These plans take care of the hard times of when they leave the physical realm of this world. As an attorney, I have had the honor to be a part of the thoughts of families and how they love each other, their trials with Life, the hopes a father has for his children, the dreams a mother has for her grandchildren. It is with keen interest and the compassion I have for people that I bring this message. I know the purpose of life is love.   I know Life is Constant and is never ending.  Life is Beautiful and LOVE is life.   There are so many examples of this reality that is shown to each and everyone of us if only we keep our eyes open to see these wonderful messages.  Through this blog – Through My Book “The Father’s Love” – I hope to bring the reality of the true Love to all people’s heart and for everyone to live a complete and never-ending life.

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