The Father’s Love

Wow . .  I started this blog in August 2013.   Now it’s November 2014.  It’s been quite a journey.  I’ve taken a break but now I’m back.  Pretty sure I’m suppose to be posting on a regular basis.  So here it is again.

Over the year I’ve learned something HUGE!  My largest revelation is The Father’s Love.  My Father, Your Father-   I’m talking about our Spiritual Father.  I’ve known he was hearing and answering my prayers.  I’ve known that he is so amazing and wonderful and anything is possible when you lean on him.  What took me awhile to get . .  I mean REALLY get . . is how much he loves me.  He really LOVES ME!  I’ve been a spiritual freelancer (yes- I just made that title up)  all of my life until this past year.  When I began to focus in on the word of God and soak up all the information I could get my hands on God’s Love-  I started receiving the idea that maybe HE Really DOES Love ME.  The depth of our Father’s Love is so very deep.  When I stop and think about how he has never given up on us, I am amazed.  Certainly only our creator can have the patience and compassion to continually give us another chance after we mess up over and over and over again.  Understanding what Jesus did for us really brought everything home for me.  The fact that Jesus- a man without sin – walked this earth for the sole purpose of sacrificing his life for our sins – is just incredible.   I studied this concept- this notion-  why did he have to do this?  I realize it was all in the covenant of God who never breaks his word.  Well, as a lawyer, I understand contracts.  To my amazement God takes them pretty seriously especially when it comes to the ones he makes with us.  I’ll get more into this whole notion later-  but what I really want to share is the fact that at first I just couldn’t get my head around why do I DESERVE unconditional Love from our Father.  I mean who am I to have my prayers answered- who am I to deserve the attention of the creator of heaven and earth.  Then I realized or maybe God just whispered to me in my thoughts-  it’s not because of what I did but it’s because of WHO HE IS.  He is the King of Kings- the MOST HIGH GOD!  Well the King of Kings have children- one of those children is ME.  Just like a daughter of a King-  she is born and by virtue of her birth she IS ROYALTY.  Well as a daughter of the King of Kings- that makes ME ROYALTY.  WOW.  What an absolute honor.  So something so simple took so long for me to actually Get- to actually Receive.  I’m Royalty!  I’m My Father’s  Daughter.  Just as most parents can testify to-  there’s nothing your child can do to really make you stop loving them.  You may get mad – but STOP LOVING?  Well, we are just humans- we are not the CREATOR-  He Loves us Just as We Are-  Right Now!  Unconditionally.  If a human parent can’t stop loving his/her child-  why would we ever think our Heavenly Father would stop loving us?   I am so delighted- excited-honored- grateful of My Father’s Love!!  It’s the only thing that really matters.  Praise God!

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